Soroca YouthBank was created on July 1, 2013 with the financial support of the East Europe Foundation. At the first stage, the Bank had 15 members, young activists from educational institutions of the Soroca city and district. Bank members were selected based on competition by the multidisciplinary team of DACIA Center. Soroca Youth Bank collected 69840 MDL during 2013, while the contribution of EEF accounted for 60877.95 MDL. Total financial resources – 130717.95 MDL.

12 projects were funded in the amount of 88200.37 MDL, while the contribution of applicants amounted to 15500 MDL. 67 young people were involved in the implementation of 12 projects, of which 10 in rural communities and 2 in Soroca city. Totally, 372 young people were involved in the implementation of projects.

List of funded projects in the first year of activity:

  1. Informed youth – a prosperous future for the community, Cremenciug village, Soroca district;
  2. Sports -  the active future of the youth, Cosauti village, Soroca district;
  3. Promotion of culture among the youth, Redi-Ceresnovat village, Soroca district;
  4. A healthy body – a healthy mind, Solcani village, Soroca district;
  5. My changing body, Rubleni village, Soroca district;
  6. A new breakthrough in education, Racovat village, Soroca district;
  7. Youth Media Studio, Soroca city;

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  9. Rational spending of the leisure time, Vasilcau village, Soroca district;
  10. Monument for commemorating the people infected with HIV-AIDS, Soroca city;
  11. ICT in our aid, Nimereuca village, Soroca district;
  12. Education is a priority of our society, Dubna village, Soroca district;
  13. Literature and new furniture for the library, Zastinca village, Soroca district.