YouthBank program was launched in Ialoveni in April 2010, at the initiative of the Public Association “Eco-Razeni” in partnership with the Ialoveni District Council. At the moment, the program is administered by a group of 11 young people (7 boys and 4 girls) representing seven localities. During the period April 2010 – July 2014, the Ialoveni YouthBank team managed to collect financial resources amounting to about 668600 MDL, out of which 73500 MDL being collected during community events and from economic agents; 175000 represent the contribution of the Ialoveni District Council; 100000 – contribution of the Ministry of Youth and Sports; 99800 MDL – Ministry of Environment; 220300 MDL – East Europe Foundation. The collected financial resources were used to carry out eight rounds of small grants for young people, where 111 small projects and civil initiatives were implemented with the direct involvement of about 456 young people from 22 localities from Ialoveni. Ialoveni_1 (1) Ialoveni_2Ialoveni_3Ialoveni_4Ialoveni_5Ialoveni_6Ialoveni_7Ialoveni_9Ialoveni_10