YouthBank Balti  history had an impact on each of us, being a beautiful history with wonderful people eager for a change in our community. It’s a history that every time when we tell it, appears joy in the soul, smiles on face, hope and trust that we have succeeded everything! It is our history… is the history that has made us be strong, learning how to combine the most essential things and the noblest qualities in order to fulfill and implement our goals” Eugen Graur says, the Coordinator of the Balti YB. Balti YB was launched in 2013 by the PA CERTITUDINE. Currently, the YB team consists of 15 active girls and boys. Among the achieved results, there can be noted:

  • 13 000 MDL collected;
  • 10 projects implemented;
  • 1 city and 2 beneficiary localities;

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