What do we finance?

Creative and innovative project ideas, ideas that could develop communities, produce habit of mind changes and mobilize young people to contribute to the country’s sustainable progress are financed.

Proposed projects may deal with any field, from sports, arts, ecology – to health, taking into account that the undertaken activities should:

  • respond in an innovative way to the needs identified in the community;
  • allow to obtain clear and visible results;
  • have a long-term impact;
  • provide safe leisure time spending for youth;
  • be entertaining and enjoyable.

There are encouraged projects that:

  • solve a necessary problem within the community, with an impact on improving the status of vulnerable groups;
  • are able to generate resources (sell products / services, use the obtained income to make sustainable the initiative and ensure its long-term impact);
  • identify and mobilize other community resources.

 When is financed?

Financing period varies from one district to another, respectively from one year to another. Overall, the funding competitions are launched during February to March.

The exact calendar of conducting the entire process of financing can be found on the local web-sites of the YouthBank:


What is not financed?

    • projects that do not fall within the objectives and activities of this program;
    • projects that are not written using the application forms of the competition;
    • individual funding requests (e.g. scholarships, travel grants);



  • loans, retroactive expenditure of some completed or ongoing projects;
  • political projects;
  • religious projects;
  • projects inciting to xenophobia, racism, violence, hate;
  • projects with discriminative message against certain social / ethnic categories of population;